Home from Hospital

Helping people to remain in their own homes.

Our Philosophy

  • We support people of all religions & none.
  • We believe that every individual should be respected, valued and have dignity.
  • We believe that above all people matter: they matter more than bureaucracies and structures and accordingly the whole person is at the heart of our policies.
  • We believe that every individual should be encouraged to reach his or her full potential.
  • We believe in cooperation and are actively aware that we do not have a monopoly of concern for the good of the community and are pleased to work alongside or in partnership with other agencies.

HCHfH is a volunteer led organised where our volunteers, who are members of the local community, help their neighbours to re-establish themselves in their own homes and wider community. This help takes many forms and is led by the person receiving the support. It is therefore flexible and designed to promote independence.

A client we have supported