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A Client Experience

Calling at a clients’ house to check how they are I think “what a privilege to be allowed in to someone’s home and share their thoughts and experiences of life”

 Being told to “come in” makes me smile it seems I have known this person for years but it has only been a matter of weeks. This client has had an amazing life telling me about her family and friends and the work she used to do.

 As she makes me a cup of tea I ask her if she may find it useful to learn how to use an IPad as she tells me her friends have them. She sounds excited by this and so we make a date to start to learn to use one, I shall bring to her house.

 I leave after an hour or so and remind her to lock the door after me, I shall see her soon and I know I have made a difference to her day.

 Want to volunteer? Come and join us and make a difference to someone like this

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For further information contact the Carers' Support Team on 01482 447673:

Paul Bartle - Carers Support Manager

Debi Brett - Project Coordinator
Email: debi.brett@hchfh.org.uk

Lindsey Walsh - Project Worker
Email: lindsey.walsh@hchfh.org.uk